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Over the last few decades, we witnessed a significant increase in temperature and changing rainfall patterns. As a result, local farmers also have more difficulty making a living from the highly-competitive world market prices.

Climate change affects everyone globally, directly or indirectly. However, for the masses of smallholder farmers who make up 75% of West Africa, a slight shift in weather patterns means hunger or even death.  

The constant input requirements of seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides etc., means farmers are highly dependent on a good harvest to continue production. What happens if this cycle breaks? 

African countries have long suffered the brunt of climate change-related disasters, although contributing little to the cause. Africa’s ability to adapt to climate change heavily depends on transforming the food and agricultural system into an environmentally sound, resilient, healthy, and sustainable sector.


We introduce an innovative methodology of farming that turns current dis accumulative situations (declining processes such as desertification) into accumulative situations. The methodology builds topsoil, increases biodiversity, and raises groundwater tables making landscapes richer in vegetation and more productive. Additionally, it helps reverse climate change.

These methodologies are gaining notoriety as ‘syntropic farming’. Due to its low-tech performance, syntropic farming is an appropriate methodology for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. By adopting this method, farmers become more climate-resilient and positively impact their environment.

The work of Ernst Götsch inspires this method. He had tremendous success with syntropic farming in Brazil, and his system is widely copied by small and large commercial farms in South America and beyond.


We make money by selling high-quality food commodities produced on our farms. Sourcing from local smallholder farmers adds value to local and international markets and helps prevent post-harvest losses while giving farmers better monetary value.

Every purchase made will help us plant more trees and lift local farmers out of poverty.

We provide tailor-made training on the restorative methodology to individuals and organizations. We also hope to make farming fun, easy and rewarding to people of all ages. Trainees pay a fee that enables us to continue delivering impact to our smallholder farmers.

Our goal is to become a leading support service hub for farmers worldwide, who are interested in land restoration, food security and rural development.

Our support service centre provides information and research possibilities to leading industries in food, cosmetics and tropical herbal medicine.


The idea of Green Gold Ghana was born out of the NGO, Drive Aid Ghana, started in 2007 by a mixed-cultural married couple, Clement Matorwmasen and Femke Matorwmasen-Akkermans. The NGO focused on relieving the burden of malnutrition by promoting the local use of moringa as a food supplement, as well as after-school illiteracy programs for youth in Ghana’s rural north.

The experience running Drive Aid Ghana taught the founders which projects and methods worked. The main problems were twofold:

1) The dependency on unreliable external funding to run projects, making the NGO unsustainable.

2) The promotion of moringa was only partially successful with the main barrier being that it isn’t a cash crop. This resulted in many farmers, initially enthusiastic about the many uses of Moringa, cutting down their trees because they did not generate an income.

It was concluded that to make activities more impactful, the NGO needed to adapt to the changing needs of the climate and farmers.

Thus, it needed to increase biodiversity and increase food commodity development variety while creating a commercially viable business.



Clement Matorwmasen

Co-Founder/ C.E.O

IT-specialist/ Entrepreneur

Founder Drive Aid Ghana/ Cletek Services/Dream Village


Femke Matorwmasen-Akkermans (MD)

Co-Founder/ Strategic Director

Lecturer/ Medical Doctor specialized in International Health and Tropical Medicine

Green Gold is blessed to be supported by countless experts, sponsors, volunteers all over the world and students from the Dreamivill projects