Volunteer Village

April 27, 2015

Volunteer Village

As part of our plans to give our volunteers a real Ghanaian experience and to cut down the cost of accommodation for our volunteers, we are putting up a volunteer villages in Damongo and Tamale

Drive Aid Ghana has a five acre land in Damongo, 20 Kilometers to the Mole National Park on which this structures would be built, most of the structures are being built with local materials and managed by our volunteers.

The village would also be a place to host activities and events organized by volunteers
In 2010 the first face of the building started, with a completed five room compound house, we are looking for more support to expand this village to Tamale and other target communities in which our volunteers base. The structures are planned to meet volunteer requirements of good toilet facilities but with thatch roof in a serine environment.

When completed the villages will be open to public volunteers who would stay and in turn offer their skills, talents to help support our projects and  as well serve as a source of income generation for non-volunteers who will pay small hosting fees, the money generated will be used to promote and support our projects.