Save the hair loss!

August 29, 2017

Save the hair loss!


Finding natural remedies for healthy hair growth is a must when you return to natural hair. Those who are unfamiliar with health and herbs will find that world to be quite amazing, especially once you learn all of the grand benefits that come along with obtaining the two.

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By now, you should know that having a healthy body is the key to healthy hair and growth. With the use of various herbs, you can help obtain and maintain a healthy body, which will translate to healthy hair growth.

Moringa is an African tree that a lot of you may have heard of, but did you know that there are different ways you can use it to promote hair growth?

I’ve been using it for years, but for health reasons, and find that it does indeed help with hair health too. There are different forms of moringa that you can use to achieve the results you want, including moringa leaf and moringa seed oil. You can find people talking who have used these products talking about their results all over the web.

If you’re looking for a natural remedy for your natural hair growth, then it’s time you focused on diet, nutrition and all-natural remedies.

Eating healthier will help to ensure that you get the max benefits from the herbs you consume internally and externally. So let’s get into the benefits of these two forms of moringa and how to use them to achieve longer hair.

How Moringa promotes hair growth

Moringa is well-known for its nutritional properties, which consists of more calcium, vitamin A, iron, vitamin C and potassium than foods like milk, carrots, spinach, oranges and bananas.

Because of its high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, it is able to give your body optimum health in ways that diet alone can’t. The nutrition found in Moringa is more easily absorbed into the body compared to synthetic vitamins and supplements, which is why it provides visual benefits much quicker.

When it comes to your hair, moringa is able to improve the appearance of your hair, making it look shinier and healthier. This is because it has amino acids that are needed for keratin protein production. As your health is being improved by the consumption of moringa leaf, you can also combat common problems like breakage, dandruff and split ends.

The high content of vitamin A, zinc, vitamin E, B vitamins and silica are what helps to stimulate your natural hair growth, while at the same time addressing dryness, hair loss, brittleness and dandruff.

It also helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your circulatory system, so that your hair follicles are revived and prepped for growth. It even promotes sebum, which gives your hair natural moisture and gloss.

How to use Moringa leaf powder

You can purchase moringa leaf powder online from places like Amazon, eBay or Znaturalfoods, depending on the quantity you want. Just make sure that it’s organic. You can use moringa leaf powder in two ways. I have personally consumed it in both forms, but I do prefer smoothies over tea.

In a smoothie, I like to use a nut or hemp milk with the moringa leaf (about 1/2 to 1 TB worth). I also mix other powders with it, like baobab, spirulina and seaweeds, which all help to provide high nutrition for hair health.

For tea, all you need to do is bring 8 oz of water to a boil and then pour in 1 tsp of moringa leaf and set it to simmer. Allow it to do so for about 10 minutes, then add in your preferred sweetener and drink it. I personally like to either use date syrup, 100% maple syrup or coconut sugar.

How to use moringa seed oil

The other option for using Moringa is in oil form. The seed of the moringa plant is just as nutritious for your hair and scalp.

I’ve found testimonials all around the Web that swear by moringa seed oil and how it has helped to reverse hair loss, hair thinning and alopecia. I would highly recommend combining moringa seed oil with drinking moringa leaf powder.

Some use the concentrated moringa extract version, but whichever you decide to use, just make sure that the oil is organic, unrefined and cold pressed. This will ensure that it has all of its nutrients.

All you have to do is massage the oil into your entire scalp, especially the areas with balding. You can use it as a deep conditioning treatment or just apply it daily to your scalp.

There’s really no wrong way to go with moringa oil. Since it is able to cleanse well, you can apply it to your wet scalp then rinse it out and it will help to remove excess oils and dirt. It will also leave your scalp moisturized.

I have used moringa oil on my own and my daughter’s hair and love how it makes our curls look. So again, it is definitely a multi-purpose hair remedy, which leaves you with plenty of room for experimentation!

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