We care for the people and communities we work with. That is why over 50% of our company profits go towards community impact and development.


Grube Water Project

Water is life! But for some communities, clean, safe drinking water is a luxury they cannot afford.

We partner with several organizations and individuals to help provide safe drinking water to targeted rural communities.

Twelve thousand citizens of Gurbi, Ghana, currently face the risk of thirst, hunger, and disease. Since the government-built drinking water facility broke down many months ago, families have been forced to travel 30-90 minutes multiple times per day to gather murky, disease-carrying water from the Daka river. 

Phase 1 of our project addresses those immediate needs for a portion of the community.

Our recent project in partnership with Blue Gold Works and Grundfos Foundation provides access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water to the Grube and Zuo communities.

Along with water supply, this project will develop a ten-acre, solar-powered irrigation vegetable farm to reduce food insecurity, create jobs and empower women entrepreneurs in the area. We expect the project to be completed in one year (2021 – 2022).

Dreamivill Training Program

Green Gold funds the Dreamivill Training Program, which provides essential training to young adults in rural communities to develop their potential and realize their dreams.

Green Ghana Project

Green Gold joins the government of Ghana to plant 5 million trees each year. This project dubbed “Green Ghana Day” is an initiative of the Ghana government to help in combating climate change.

As partners we are involved in distributions, planting and managing some planting projects in about 56 communities in the northern and Oti Regions of Ghana

Community Skills Project

This program tailored to young rural girls/women provides the benefit of business support and the needed opportunity to gain requisite skills and craftmanship that empowers them out of poverty whilst reducing the high rural-urban migration in Ghana.