Our Products – Grid Layout

Drinks and Beverages

Our Drinks and Beverages are organically grown and hand-picked from the source, we make sure that the farmer gets value for money, but also the client gets the premium homemade quality you deserve. For us, it is not just about the money, but the impact‚Ķtogether we create the world we all dream of! Sip and inhale the best quality Africa can give, eat, drink and stay organic ūüėä

Fruits and Nuts

Enjoy amazing health benefits from our special hand-picked homemade products, carefully selected for your premium health Eat with the season and enjoy a variety of naturally grown fruits and vegetables from trusted sources in Ghana. We grow and also source from trusted local farmers, we help in preventing post-harvest losses by adding value and processing

Herbs and Spices

Green Gold processes and adds value to indigenous foods, medicine and cosmetic products, We sell products sourced from our farms or through our trusted smallholder farmers. The objective is to give farmers value for money and minimize post-harvest losses whiles allowing them to focus on their farms.

Seeds and Seedlings

Get the best quality organic seeds and seedlings from us