Malnutrition – the silent killer

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Malnutrition stops people from achieving their potential and reduces their productivity. This has negative social and economic consequences. Too many children in Ghana suffer from health issues stemming from malnutrition which is an underlying cause of one third of all child deaths. More than one in five children in Ghana is stunted (suffering from chronic malnutrition).

The situation is worse in the Northern Region where 37 per cent of children are stunted due to childhood malnourishment. A growing number of 57 per cent of children under five are found to be anemic. Iron deficiency anemia is a major threat to child health and a major cause of maternal mortality in young women who carry their anemia from childhood to adolescence.
Moringa is a plant that has a good source of protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E and enriched with minerals like Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium and much more. It has a fast growing global research rate and has become a well know super-food and nutritional supplement.
More importantly the Moringa tree grows in almost all tropical region and readily available to the local people, however ignorance of the potential of this plant is very high especially in the northern part of Ghana. There is also a cultural hindrance to the use of it – since most people do not consider it as food but medicine.
Our goal is to educate and encourage the use of Moringa in its varied forms to battle malnutrition, hunger and develop business opportunities for the local people.
To better demonstrate the importance, use and business potentials of Moringa we have setup the Green Gold projects which seeks to develop the business aspects (learn more here] as part of the projects corporate social responsibility, we are using proceeds from the farm, Mainly Moringa leaves to give out to malnourished children and pregnant women. 50 per cent of project profit will be used to support our education project and other development based projects
From our initial 10 acre farm we are already supporting some local families with Moringa powder/leaves and helping them with medical screening and consultancy, volunteers are welcome to join us and also help at the farms


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