Green Gold Ghana – Purchase of New Tractor

October 16, 2016

Green Gold Ghana – Purchase of New Tractor

Green Gold Ghana as a social enterprises company seeks to set the standards for community development, innovation and making Moringa as a cash crop for the rural poor in northern Ghana. to satisfy both our clients and the people we serve, it has become increasingly necessary to invest in equipment’s, buildings, employment of skilled stuff and quality control.


Founder/Director of Green Gold Ghana receiving documents of tractor after purchase


Community members observing the new implements


On the 30th September 2016 we made our biggest investment yet with the purchase of a new “New Holland” TT4030 Tractor with its accessories worth $28,000 USD. The tractor which is a four-wheel drive is ideal for rough terrains, the accessories which include; a Plough, Harrow, Farrow Wheel, TopLink, Trailer, a corn Sheller will go long way to help our farm’s expansion.

The tractor and its accessories when not in use for the expansion of our company work, will be rented out to community members at cheaper rates to encourage agricultural activities in the area.

The purchase of the tractor has already created two jobs for community members; a Tractor operator and Record/Maintenance Keeper

We are looking forward to further invest in the renovation of the old state farm warehouse, drilling of solar powered boreholes, Building and electrification of farm houses and irrigation system for dry season farming

Your investments, donations, expertise are required to help us grow and keep making impact in food security, poverty eradication and community development, contact us to learn how you can get involved