Computer training project

April 27, 2015

Computer training project

Career based Computer Skills Training

In our attempt to link rural poor communities to the global village Drive Aid Ghana linked up with local assemblies, Schools and NGO’s to promote ICT outreach though the mobile ICT outreach project.

The purpose of the project is to bring Computer knowledge (ICT) to the door step of the youth and the students within these poor communities
Training program in Tamale in partnerhip with Africa ICT Right and sponsored by Google Training program in Tamale in partnerhip with Africa ICT Right and sponsored by Google

For their computer lessons, teachers often wrote down the different parts of a computer on the drawing board; the children then read them out loud and memorized those terms. However, many of them had never even seen a computer. The project is targeted at reaching out to these community schools and the youth by bringing practical computer skills to them

Our approach is to use laptops that are easy to carry and low in electric consumption, these laptops are carried to the schools at computer lesson hours to give the students hands on experience with the computer along with giving them basic PC operations, text processing and some educational games, students who require further training such us internet browsing, email management can further visit our local ICT centers to expand there knowledge

The project is expected to train trainer-of-Trainees (students who will learn to train others) and various ICT instructors in schools to expand their knowledge in computer usage and to equipped them train their students better

Your support of computers, experience and resource are needed to promote this project please contact us on how you can support or learn how