Bringing smiles one child at a time!

November 15, 2015

Bringing smiles one child at a time!

We constantly appreciate our coordinators who go beyond their busy schedules to make time and resource to raise funds, volunteers and resources for the promotion of smiles in Africa.

This month we are privileged and honored to our German coordinators: Johanna Schreiber and Lilian Burghardt, who used the occasion of the ‪semester initially devotion in Göttingen to create awareness and raise funds to support Drive Aid Ghana.

In a limited time of minutes our coordinators have been able to raise 205 euros and attracted potential volunteers to visit Ghana, we are looking forward to more volunteers and well-wisher to join us put smiles in the faces of African children

Most of the funds will be used to support our SMILE project currently initiated at Nantong (SMILE project is a nutritional support program initiated to support malnourished children regain weight through health advocacy, nutrition supplements (using Moringa/multivitamin) and available alternative food supplements in the local communities)

The project is spearheaded by Dr. Femke Akkermans together with local community health care personnel and leaders

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